Our Happy Families

We pride ourselves in providing loving care that give our families peace of mind

We LOVE this place! The staff is very friendly and they all know my child by name. It has always been very well priced which allows our family to attend. Our daughter is learning so much and is experiencing many things that I wouldn't be able to do.

Alyssa J

This place is amazing. One if the first things that drew me to it was the security. Key pad, thumbprint reader, the works. No one gets in or out without the knowing who you are. The staff is amazing. Our child has learned so much there. They are nurturing and caring and the children come first. Big emphasis on education. They also have an app so you can follow your child's progress throughout the day. Absolutely love it.

Adam B.

Melissa B.

My son loves going to the Country Acres location! They went above & beyond to help me keep him in his pre-k program at school. I am beyond grateful for all of the considerate, kind, & compassionate teachers that work with my son everyday. <3
We absolutely love kiddy Kollege.. Fell in love with it the moment we walked in for a tour.. Erika is such an amazing director and person all around! She has small kids of her own so she understands where a lot of parents are coming from! I just had a baby couple weeks ago and she sent me an email just to see how I was doing and how delivery went, to be thoughtful especially when she just had a child of her own shows a lot of dedication and care into her job!!

Jamie C.

I was hesitant when it came to putting my baby into a daycare. After visiting several places my husband and I were convinced this was the one that just felt right. They made it So easy for my child to adapt to the new environment. Thank kiddy kollege for doing such an amazing job and for watching my kiddo like if he was your very own. Never thought our kid would be excited to go to daycare each morning. I would Highly recommend them.

Ally S.

Ally S.

If I ever needed to move daycares, I would have an issue because my babies have a very strong bond with their teachers here! All of the teachers show my babies a lot of love and that really helps being away from them all day. They get to do lots of crafts and the staff does so much with them educationally. My less-than 3 year old can count past 20 in English and to 12 in Spanish! He knows many sights words, all of his shapes, and so much more! We really love Kiddy Kollege!

Erica S.